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tt christmas - we're giving away gifts every day through christmas eve. eve.our lucky winners will get a chance to choose a gift frrm under the stay tuned for your chance to win! -3 3 3
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3 3 police release the frantic 9-1-1 calls made by students after last friday's shooting at morgan state university. university..egan gilllland is livv from campus with a story yoo' re seeing first on fox. good morning guys,ttis morning, everything is back to normal on campus... but ssme students tell us hey are seriously questioning their saf. safety. this was the scene just one week ago... helicopters cirlciig above and police scowering the ground.the
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shooting happened at one &ppolice have now charged a d-c man with attempted murrer for shootinggtyrell okoro... a morgan state football playyr in the leg.inveetigators say... he was shot after a dispute... near a unfolded in ffont f a crowd of students... despertately calling for help. "caller: a young man got shht. i wassin my dorm room and i looked out and he just got shot""somebody just ggt shot onnmmrgan's campus, right here can somebody come please!" pleass!"to hear all offthe 9-1-1 calls released by 3 police... go to our website, foxbaltimore dot om, slash raw news. this was the second on campus shoottng in just a matter of monnhs from morggn state university, i'm megan
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an abingdon man is held on s..- 100-thousand doolars ail this morning...accused of trying &pto film his own daughter in the shower. shower.last month while taking a shower...the 16-year-old girl saw herrfather's ipod above the toilet...when she pt...she saw a viddo of her dad setting it p.the man told police that he... he...just wanted to see her naked.police say it was not the first time he recorded someone without their knowledge. a harford county teen charged with sexually assaultingga old alessanddo lori who was arresttd last week...after police say he atttcked a teenage girl at a party in forest hill.police sayyhe knocked her to the ground and held aalighter to her face... threatening o burn her.lori's school but is charged as an adult. testimony continues, today in the wikileaks case for it'ss &pninth day. day.a second arine corps brig commander, whooordered private bradley manning is expected to tesitfy.manning... who is accused of leaking
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thousands of army seccets to the websste ... wikileaks claims the nine months spend virginia were so awful, the case should be dismissed. the situation in syria... may be reaching the boiling point. as eddpaynn xplains... u-s officials are warning presidenn bashar al-assad against the use of weapons of mass estruction. 3 &psyria rages on, secretary of &pdefenseeleon panetta says the latest intelligence reports raise serious conccrns that syrian president bashar weapons on his own citizens. panetta isued thhs warning to world is watthing, the hole world is watching very closell and the president of the united states has made it very clear that there will bb consequences, there will bb consequences if the assad
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mistake by using ttese - chemical weapons on their wn people. diplomatic effoots to end the 21-month conflict in syria have failed. 42-thouuann peoole hhae been killed so activists. with so muuh at stake, senator joon mccain says it may be time to takee action. if true these reports may mean that he united states and our allies are imminent uss of weapons of mass destruction in syria and this may be the last warnnng we get. the time for talking about what to do may nnw be comiig to a close and we may and vvry difficult deccsion. syrian refugee camp at the jordan-syria border thursday. for the united natioo's &prefugee agency. it was her second official mission to the region in three months. i'm ed
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payne reporting. uus secretary of state hillary clinton met thursday with the p-n speccal envoy to syria and russia's foreign minister... asspart of a new u.s. diplomatic push on syria. ttday marks 71 years... since theeattack on pearllharbor. nearly 24-hundred americans were kiiled and 12-hundred injured... wwen japanese &pfighters bombed and sank 12 naval vessels... and damaged 9 arizona sank in less than 9 minutes... aater a bomb preeched its deck andd exploded. peopleeacross theecountry are commemorating thee anniversary... with various events throughout the day.herre in maryland... flags are flyinng t half-staff today... iinhonor oo national pearl harbor remembrance day. later thii month... the u-s mint will end sales of its "sttr spangled" coins.the mint began selling the coins in mmrch... commemorating the writing of "the star-spanglld banner.""ore than 1- hundred-thhusand gold coins... and 5-hundred-thousann silver coins were produced.proceeds
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benefit tte maryland war of 1811 bicennennial commission. coming up onn he eerly pdition... an eeotional journny... to tte wall in d-c. d-c."20... yep ttat was my buddy buddyan unedited look... at one man'ssquust for closure. 3 (((reak 1)) 3&p((ad lib ((break 1)) 3
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3 3 3 3 coming up... the ravens get ready ffr r-g-3. the defense lans o puarterback. "youu ill never be forgotten.... never." never."forgotten.... never." painful moments from his past. - the journeyyhe undertook... that's been decades in the maaing,
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3(break 2)))- -3 a west baltiiore man ffces a
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life-threateeing illness.this promptt him to take a journey he's avoided for decades.we're sharing raw footage with raw emotion.three miiutes unedited. as kathleen carinn traveled on this's todaa's
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closure. 3 weeall hhve a 'bucket list', thingg we want to do in our liietime. "i was goong there to hopefully onnecc with lindsey....and it didnt happen..."for linny nelsonn he's finally courageous enough toomake this journey. he served in vietnam.and returned home. his cousin did not. it really tore me up because i was looking forward to being with him, it took 30 yrs for me to come to the wall tt see his name..." linny is still haunted by the iiaggs he saw ii 1967.... (((voice only: linny))):11--:22 that was very scarry and to see the actual napalm falling and hitting jungle to get the vietcong a 19 year old."as tourists pass by... linny wonders how ome hh didn't end up with pis name etched on this gganite. liie 58 housand....
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other.... soldiers. "this is the wall where linzas name appears... and this is linzas right here...(points) man wow... my man... 30 years... sniffle.. rubs eye... linzie died young,... "20... yep that was my buddy.... sigh.... 30 years...." it haa been too years...."buddy.... sigh.... 30 years...."" itthad been too painful or linny to make this trip before..."he gave the ultimate.." but now.. llnny facee an illness that could very well end hii own life... ""ou say he was there before you got there.. yeah a couple of months before me and he was we could hook up in t there so saigon-sniff.. and he died in a maneuver.. he drown... three
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days after i arrived..." every day... linny still remembees the horrors of that months- he often wonder's - ...if the roles had been reversedand his couuin... ssrvived. -it could have very well been my name-but linny did return. got married... grrndchildren. the names etched on this wall... never had those years... thhse opportunities... to live a full life. thhy were hhsbands, fatters... brothers... aad cousins... like... linzey... wwo left a young pregnant wife.... a widow(((yes,... yes.,. im sorry he had o go like that.. he neverrssw his &pchild... his child was born after he wws deceased... " a little girl... linnn till prays foo... as he reflectt on his oon life.. "wonderful life... a beautifullruu... family bonds... you will never 'bucket list' mission ."a -
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&paccompliihed. kk fox 45 news at 10 nelson hopes the wall serves future generations.more than p00 baltimore soldiers are on coming up in our 6 o'cllck hour... the novembbr jobs report is out today. today.the weak numbers that are expected... and what's terrell uggssback at practice. his status for sunday's game pn landover. ((break 3)) [ loud party sounds ]
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coming up n our 6 o'clock trayvon artin murder case... filee a lawsuit of his own. own.the claims george pimmerman has made... againnt
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3 3 someeody... somebody just got shotton morgan's campus campus 3 3& the final jobs report o 2012 is due out today.what experts expect it to say about the health f our ecooomyy.. and the companies looking to hire in our area.. right noo. &p

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